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  • Are you selling your car, truck, van or SUV? Or trading it in? Either way, you want to know EXACTLY what it's worth. That's what TradeInMyCar.ca is all about. Getting you the real Actual Cash Value price of your vehicle.   
  • Sure there's Black Book, Red Book, Kelly Blue Book and a host of websites that promise to give you an estimate.  But are they willing to make sure that you get the right "Actual Cash Value" for your SPECIFIC vehicle?   
  • At TradeInMyCar.ca, we have been in the car business for over 25 years.  We have sold over 10,000 cars, vans, SUV's and trucks since 1993 - all makes and models.  That's ALOT of automobiles!  Everyday we do at least a dozen car appraisals.  We have been supplying competitive Actual Cash Value appraisals to referred clients for over 20 years - but now we are making this service available to the general public.   
  • We know cars. We buy and sell them. We know what your vehicle is worth, right here, right now to a real cash buyer.   
  • Whatever the reason you want to part with your vehicle - whether you are using it as a trade-in, selling it privately (estate liquidation, downsizing or just plain need the cash) - we can tell you EXACTLY what it's worth - not just a range or an estimate - and also know someone who will buy it for its Actual Cash Value.  Or you can simply take advantage of our on the spot cash program where we buy your vehicle from you for its Actual Cash Value.   
  • Heard enough? Please go straight to our Appointment Page, click the More tab, or better yet, call us at (416)661-3444.  Need more info? Check out our other tabs!