Estate sales

Hanging up the keys?  

Every year, thousands of Canadians choose to stop driving. It's important to remember that hanging up the keys is not the end of independence.    

Driving is a complex task that requires focus, planning, responding, and more. Sometimes, physical and cognitive issues make it difficult to be a safe driver, especially when a person ages.   

There are many factors to consider, and it's good to focus on the positive - like saving money. According to the CAA, it costs up to $15,000/year including depreciation to own and operate a car, depending on the vehicle and your drivng habits. 

Then there is the value of the vehicle, which may be worth good cash. You can be sure that with the help of, you'll recieve an appraisal for the market value of your vehicle. When you want to sell your car, we can tell you EXACTLY what it is worth - not just a range or an estimate. If you're looking to sell it privately, you'll know exactly how much to ask for your vehicle. Alternately, we'll buy your car from you for the Actual Cash Value that we've arrived at, saving you the time and hassle of selling it privately.   

And if you are unable to bring the car to our location, we'll send a qualified representative to assess the vehicle at your GTA address. The fee for this service is $30.00, to take into account travel expenses.    

For your convenience, here are some resources that can help you make this decision:    

Estate Vehicles  When a loved one passes away, there are many tasks that require attending to - items that may fall outside of the executor's responsibilities, or not have been included in a written will or bequest.   

Sometimes these include assets that must be dealt with in a timely fashion, so as not to incur costly storage fees. For example, if plans have not been made for the transfer or liquidation of a vehicle, you may want to sell it. That's when can help! Instead of going through the hassle of a private sale, you can get a convenient assessment of your loved one's vehicle. You can trust our trained professionals to offer you the best appraisal of its value - it's what we do.   

Then, we'll make you an offer to purchase the vehicle for its Actual Cash Value. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and network of informed colleagues, we can make an appraisal of your vehicle's current market value. And with the system, you have the benefit of knowing what the vehicle is worth, and then the convenience of selling it to us.   

Since we are keeping your needs top-of-mind, if it is not possible to bring the vehicle to our location, one of our qualified representatives will assess it at your address, if you are in the GTA. The fee for this service is $30.00 to take into account travel expenses.    

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