Insider tips

Get the most from your vehicle's value!  

Your appraisal is an investment as well as a valuable negotiating tool. You may be trading in your car, van, SUV or truck for a new vehicle and the dealer's made you an offer. But!...  

How do you know this is what your old vehicle is worth?   

The dealer is basing their figures on book value or some website. But knowing your vehicle's value gives you a valuable negotiating tool.   

So your appraisal could result in hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars more for your car!   

And if you're selling your car privately, now you'll REALLY know how much to ask. You won't waste time asking too much or too little! And sell your car faster!  

What if my dealer won't match the appraisal?   

Then you can do a three-way trade. Simply put, you can use the value on the new vehicle deal and we'll purchase your vehicle from the dealer when the transaction is completed. The dealer may not wat to contact us to confirm the value before continuing with the deal and completing a purchase agreement. That's okay!   

We also have a network of dealers of all makes who will accept your appraisal.  

Do I still get the HST savings on the trade-in?   

No matter where you trade your vehicle or for how much, you WILL recieve the HST tax savings on the value of the trade. The vehicle must be in your name and the dealer must be a registered car dealer in Ontario.   

Remember, if you decide to sell your vehicle privately, there are no HST tax savings.  

What if my car needs repairs?   

It's not worth repairing or fixing up your car before you bring it in. Don't spend the money! We're professionals, and will take these issues into account when appraising your vehicle. Plus, any car dealer who takes your vehicle on trade can fix the problems for much less than you can.   

However, you should visit your local car wash and have your vehicle washed and vacuumed.